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Dr Stephen Boult introduces our data logging technology for water monitoring in this online video, courtesy of NERC:Click here to watch
Congratulations to our founder, Dr Stephen Boult, on winning the Award for Economic Impact at the Natural Environment Research Council Awards 2015. Dr Stephen Boult and his team at the University of Manchester were nominated for their ...

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Come and see us at Shale Gas World: Europe 2014 in Warsaw on 25 – 26 November 2014.This event brings together operators, regulators and industry experts in discussions on how shale gas will develop in Europe and the infrastructure/reg...

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This month, we showcased our unique ground-gas monitor, GasClam®, at the European Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2014 in London.The event brought together key stakeholders including shale gas operators, key opinion leaders and European govern...

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CIWEM have published an independent review of shale gas exploration and exploitation in the UK, with a particular focus on the implications for the water environment.As part of their assessment of the risks, the CIWEM report highlights:'The impo...

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Water UK and the UK Onshore Operators Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which ensures their cooperation to help minimise the impact of onshore oil and gas development on the UK’s water resources.A key aim of the agreement is to g...

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Salamander Group will be attending the WWT Water Asset Management conference on 28th January 2014.With water management and operating company costs currently being debated, this event is a must for any professionals involved in the management and eff...

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Shale gas drilling is the hot topic around the world, currently being assessed to secure fuel supplies, whilst investigating it's environmental impact and any potential fluid contamination from the hydrofracking process.GasClam® is the only produ...

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Salamander Group attended the 2013 Wastewater Infrastructure & Networks conference, which addressed the regulatory and environmental challenges facing wastewater providers. The conference showcased infrastructure, flood r...

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This month, Salamander Group attended the UK Shale 2013: Making It Happen congress, where proposals, solutions and strategies were shared specifically to drive forward shale gas development in the UK.Attendees included prominent MPs, govern...

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 The water distribution network is a major asset, which requires careful management to deliver safe and compliant water to the public.Our license partners, Siemens Water Technologies, have produced a document to help with proactive infrastr...

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We have a new website dedicated to Water Monitoring Technology and showcasing ChloroClam® and HydraClam®. Click here to go to the website - you can also view it 'on the go' via your mobile. 
Continuous ground-gas monitoring is now included in the Environmental Agency Landfill Surrender document, as part of their guide for environmental permit applicants - you can read this document here.
GasClam® is the only instrument in the world to continuously measure gases and log real-time data, building a clear picture of what is going on below the ground.  Download the new GasClam® brochure here.
GasClam® is being used by the UK Shale Gas industry to monitor the before and after effects of fracking, as part of continual ground-gas monitoring.  Read more about this here.
The latest brochure from Ion Science explains how the GasClam® is used to continuously monitor and collect data for accurate site investigation. Download the brochure here.
Australian distributor HydroTerra have been awarded a tender to provide GasClam® to CSIRO’s National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL). The units will be used for monitoring shallow groundwater systems in order to minimise ri...

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Australia’s New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (NSW EPA) recently released its latest “Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Sites Impacted by Hazardous Ground Gases”. The guidelines are designed to increas...

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A white paper released by Salamander Group's global distributor, Ion Science, was published by Pollution Engineering, a leading US waste and land remediation magazine, recently. Titled “GasClam®: Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring Becomes a R...

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International publishers of Asian Environmental Technology and Petro Industry News published the paper “Hydraulic Fracture, Gas Seepage and other Environmental Issues Concerning Shale Gas” recently. The paper states that the gas monitori...

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A recent paper published by The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) concludes that turbidity monitoring at high temporal resolution is a necessary tool in furthering an understanding of the discolouration process that occurs in water distribut...

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"Of the number of customer complaints received by water companies, some 95% of concerns involve discolouration, taste and/or odour of water." A white paper examining the role of high-resolution monitoring of water quality as a means of improving the...

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Water service providers responsible for potable water distribution systems were urged to become more proactive in their collection of turbidity data, and their networks smarter, at a speciality water industry forum associated with the Siemens’ ...

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Environmental Earth Sciences’ Matthew Miklos was awarded “Young Achiever of the Year” by the Australian Contaminated Lands Consultants Association NSW (ACLCA) for a case study which demonstrated the innovative use of GasClam® ga...

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To view and download Salamander Group's Water Innovation Presentation, click here.
Salamander Group are presenting at a key global seminar showcasing innovative technologies in the water industry. The presentation titled will be given to a cross section of senior global water Industry professionals. The event, held on 'World Water ...

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The Judges said: 'the ChloroClam® won the award for helping the water industry move towards real-time control for networks...creating a more secure network for customers, improving water quality and helping water companies meet their SIMS targets...

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