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"Continuous ground-gas monitoring becomes a reality".

A white paper released by Salamander Group's global distributor, Ion Science, was published by Pollution Engineering, a leading US waste and land remediation magazine, recently.

Titled “GasClam®: Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring Becomes a Reality”, the paper seeks to highlight the challenges and then suggest a solution to the issues faced by the contaminated land and landfill industry when trying to accurately quantify the true gas regime of their sites and then predict future changes and trends.

The paper also explores the need by industry regulators to obtain more representative data, and highlights the flaws in the traditional “spot” method of collecting data (ie. discrete periodic static measurements of gas concentrations from which the gas regime is inferred) – a method that places considerable economic and labour constraints upon operators and regulators to effectively and accurately assess and quantify risk.

The article promotes GasClam®, Salamander Group’s continuous gas monitoring technology, as the only device with the capability to effectively collect high temporal resolution data via remote operation:

“With the ability to collect time series data, an improved measurement of flux can be made and temporal variability can be quantified and accounted for. This will improve understanding of processes, thereby reducing the uncertainty which is inherent in the inferences required in using measuring that are indirect and lacking in temporal resolution.

“GasClam® will allow the collection of continuous data to become widely used.”

The paper released by GasClam’s® US distributor, ION Science Americas LLC can be downloaded below.

Pollution Engineering is a US-based publication that has been in circulation since 1969. It is aimed at pollution control engineers in the fields of air, waste, water and remediation. For more information regarding Pollution Engineering go to www.pollutionengineering.com.