Salamander Group identifies, funds and develops technology that meets the growing global demand for continuous asset monitoring that enables improved asset performance and risk management.

Our suite of award-winning products provide our clients with the means to:

      • Effectively manage resources
      • Optimise balance sheets and assets
      • Efficiently mitigate operational risk
      • Satisfy regulatory requirements
      • Help safeguard communities

A Catalyst for Innovation

Salamander Group is active in all aspects of successful technology transfer from academic research to private sector investment and ultimately selling new technology into global markets.

Best Available Technology

We strive to have our products recognised as Best Available Technology in their respective niche, actively engaging with the regulatory bodies that oversee the latest advances in continuous environmental monitoring technologies.

If you have an innovative technology, with a clear market need, that requires commercialisation or have an asset performance problem that needs solving please contact us.

Water Monitoring Technology Products

Gas Monitoring Technology Products