Clamnet cloud based data portal

View all your data with the Clamnet Portal – our cloud based  data portal.

The Clamnet Portal allows you to view data, set locations for clams, set up alarms and notifications for important thresholds, view clam locations in map form with alarmed clams highlighted and more.

  • Full visibility across your Smart Water Network ensuring quality levels throughout.
  • Remote configuration and management of all the Clamnet suite of products reducing site visits and staff time.
  • As a cloud based data portal, clamnet portal is accessible via any browser giving ability to view data anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Control user access, permissions and alerts.
  • Personalisable dashboard allowing site comparisons
  • Access to manuals and user guides
Map of Clam locations on data portal

On Clamnet you can view all your clams by location on a map, zooming in on places where there are multiple clams.  Any clams that are in alarm status will show as red clams making it obvious immediately where any problems lie.

Graphical data on Clamnet cloud based data portal

On Clamnet you can view the data transmitted from your Clam in graphical form according to the sensors based in or with your clam.  You can adjust the timeline visible: zoom in on a particular date range; take a short term view; or, a long term view.  You can also see the amount of battery life remaining.

The Clamnet Portal provides data that can be extracted via an API or downloaded in image or CSV formats for further manipulation within spreadsheets.

Clam adjustment on Clamnet cloud based data portal

Clamnet gives you access to each clam individually to view data and set alarms.  Alarms can be set to trigger notifications by email and/or sms to appointed users.

Devices can be renamed and grouped for ease of use but are always discoverable via their IMEI.

Clamnet portal device configuration

The Clamnet portal allows remote configuration of Clams.  Modify logging rates and transmission frequencies, thresholds, calibrations amongst other settings.  Firmware updates can also be completed via the Clamnet Portal.