Salamander Group’s patented, award winning gas monitoring technology GasClam® provides a new approach to managing the risk of ground gas migration. Through in-borehole monitoring GasClam® allows the variability of gas concentrations to be observed and measured supporting the optimisation and operational control of coal seam and shale gas, landfill and development sites.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved assessment and management of site ground gas variability and risk
  • Optimisation of operations, driving savings
  • Validation of ground gas protection measures, opening sites for development
  • Improved understanding of sites, enabling change of use
  • Improved transparency and reporting to regulators

GasClam® has a wide range of monitoring applications including:

  • Coal Seam Gas and Coal Bed Methane site perimeter monitoring
  • Extraction monitoring
  • Landfill gas migration monitoring
  • Brownfield development monitoring
  • Below ground carbon capture and storage
  • Carbon Dioxide sequestration
  • Solvent storage and petroleum filling stations
  • Refinery compliance

GasClam® is a registered Trade Mark of Salamander Group.

Gas Monitoring Technology Products

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