Ground-Gas Monitoring

GasClam® is unique in its ability to collect long-term, real-trend ground-gas data, unmanned across a wide range of industries and sectors.

GasClam® is able to continuously collect key data that supports asset managers in the mining, energy, contaminated land, landfill and petroleum industries.

Enabling you to better understand your assets, more fully report to regulators and better manage and predict the risks associated with ground-gas emission and migration.

Customers rely on GasClam® for a range of applications including:

  • Continuous and extensive ground-gas monitoring for methane migration
    VOC and greenhouse gas emissions on landfill, shale and coal seam gas mining sites
  • Site analysis and characterisation to improve understanding and manage risk
  • Development and support of site and asset management strategies
  • Demonstration of environmental and regulatory compliance.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved assessment and management of site ground gas variability and risk
  • Optimisation of operations, driving savings
  • Validation of ground gas protection measures, opening sites for development
  • Improved understanding of sites, enabling change of use
  • Improved transparency and reporting to regulators

GasClam® has a wide range of monitoring applications including:

  • Coal Seam Gas and Coal Bed Methane site perimeter monitoring
  • Extraction monitoring
  • Landfill gas migration monitoring
  • Brownfield development monitoring
  • Below ground carbon capture and storage
  • Carbon Dioxide sequestration
  • Solvent storage and petroleum filling stations
  • Refinery compliance

GasClam® is a registered Trade Mark of Salamander Group.