Water service providers responsible for potable water distribution systems were urged to become more proactive in their collection of turbidity data, and their networks smarter, at a speciality water industry forum associated with the Siemens’ “Answers For Industry” conference held in Manchester recently.

Presenting at the July event, Dr. John Gaffney, Product Manager – PIM Solution, Siemens Water Technology commented, “Monitoring turbidity at high temporal resolution is a necessary factor in furthering an understanding of the discolouration process that occurs in water distribution networks.

“The key factor to ensure managers of water distribution networks maintain a proactive position relies on their ability to continually monitor and analyse water quality within the network – particularly the build up and movement of sediment, the key cause of discolouration – even following a mains flushing procedure.

“Until very recently, the water supply industry has been heavily reliant on data of poor temporal and spatial resolution to manage water quality in distribution – the subsequent effect of inconsistent manual sampling and, often subjective, customer contact data.”

Developed by Salamander Group in association with Siemens Water Technologies – HydraClam®, a continuous water quality monitoring technology, was presented by Dr. Gaffney as a key tool in engaging best practices in water quality management.

“Only with HydraClam® and Siemens PIM solution will WSPs be in a position to optimise their network’s performance, meet regulatory indicators and proactively predict and control water quality,” concluded Dr. Gaffney.

The industry forum took place as part of Siemens’ Answers For Industry (AFI) event on July 5, 2012 at Manchester, UK. The two-day  AFI seminar and exhibition program aimed to bring together industry experts and opinion leaders across the UK to debate the key theme “Investing in Britain’s Industrial Infrastructure”. The speciality water industry forum was attended by nearly all of the UK’s water companies who aim for the continual collaboration and sharing of industry best practices.

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