“Of the number of customer complaints received by water companies, some 95% of concerns involve discolouration, taste and/or odour of water.”

A white paper examining the role of high-resolution monitoring of water quality as a means of improving the performance of the potable water supply network was released by Siemens recently.

Available for download, click here, the white paper advocates the implementation of Siemens’ Proactive Infrastructure Management (PIM) solution as a strategic approach to cost effective network-wide water quality monitoring.

Siemens’ PIM solution includes the HydraClam® and ChloroClam® technologies which provide continual access to water quality monitoring data such as turbidity, pressure, conductivity, temperature and free and total chlorine.

Siemens PIM is designed specifically for network-wide utilisation and provides a cost effective solution to the issue of monitoring water quality in distribution at high temporal and spatial resolution.

HydraClam® and ChloroClam® are developed in conjunction with and manufactured under licence from Salamander Group.

For a copy of the White Paper or for information on Siemens Proactive Infrastructure Management Solution (PIM) go to siemens.com