Salamander Group has developed and patented award-winning approaches to the effective management and continuous monitoring of water quality and chlorine within water distribution networks.

Applications of our water monitoring technologies include:

  • Water quality compliance monitoring
  • Improving scheduling operations and maintenance strategies
  • Customer complaint response
  • Maintenance and works monitoring
  • Network integrity monitoring
  • Industrial process water quality monitoring
  • Maintaining water security

Proactive Network Management

Proactive management of the water distribution network can achieve improvements in water quality, reduction in customer complaints and costs savings. Achieving proactive network management requires continuous information about the condition of the network to enable managers to make informed decisions. The extensive and inaccessible nature of the water distribution network has previously made such information difficult to collect. ChloroClam® and HydraClam® overcome this hurdle through accessing the network via hydrant points, which opens up the network to continuous monitoring. Through collecting and combining data streams from across the network, via ChloroClam®, HydraClam® and existing flow and pressure monitors, network operations can now be optimized and proactively managed to deliver:

  • Cost savings through better ways of working and focused maintenance regimes
  • Reduced discolouration, taste and odour issues
  • Improved water quality at the tap
  • Reduced customer complaints


Salamander Group’s patented ChloroClam® technology is used by water industry professionals to continuously monitor and manage chlorine levels in water networks.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimisation of chemical dosing leading to cost reductions
  • Simpler management of chlorine across the network based on real time data leading to informed decision making
  • Improved reporting to the regulator
  • Reduced customer complaints


Salamander Group’s patented HydraClam® technology is used by water industry professionals to continuously monitor and manage water quality in the distribution network.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved management of discolouration, within the water distribution network, leading to lower customer complaints
  • Improved network modelling through in network monitoring
  • Improved reporting to the regulator
  • Optimisation of operations reducing cost
  • Monitoring and validation of mains replacement or cleaning operations

Water Monitoring Technology Products