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Salamander Hydraclam v4 has arrived!

The Salamander Hydraclam v4 represents a major advance in the potential for increasing the spatial and temporal understanding of water quality across potable water distribution networks.

Fully Integrated

Complete RTU and sensor package

for turbidity, chlorine
conductivity, pressure and
temperature, with optional pH

Battery powered

No Mains Power required

plus 4G connectivity enables fully remote deployment


Simplicity of installation combined with a price point that enables large scale deployment throughout a water distribution system

The Hydraclam v4 represents a comprehensive redesign of the device, which now incorporates the Clam RTU functions, all original Hydraclam sensors and the chlorine sensor. The battery capacity has been trebled to increase change intervals and to allow powering of additional external sensors if required. The unique and patented flushing control is important to ensure that turbidity data is a true reflection of the water in the main at that time.

The Hydraclam can be used at any access point in watermains network to continually monitor and report turbidity, chlorine, conductivity, temperature and pressure data. Used alone, or in conjunction with other sensors attached, the Hydraclam is an ideal component of any Smart Network for drinking water quality. The bidirectional communications allow firmware upgrades, configuration changes and remote diagnostics as well as routine data uploads to the Clamnet Portal and instant alarming

Salamander Hydraclam and CLAMNET PORTAL

Data from the Hydraclam is stored and viewed on the very secure Clamnet Portal. With flexible device management and visualisation tools the portal can manage large Clam fleets. Data can also be exported as CSV files or via our API for incorporating in corporate SCADA systems.


The Salamander Hydraclam features…

  • Access the distribution network at any point via a 6mm hose connection enabling rapid deployment and recovery
  • Measurement of turbidity, chlorine, conductivity, pressure and temperature all in one device
  • High resolution turbidity sensor designed specifically for potable water
  • Patented flushing control to ensure water from the main is sampled
  • Ability to switch external devices against control levels
  • Bi-directional 4G cellular communications for remote configuration, data upload and alarming
  • Bluetooth mobile app for local set up, control and data collection
  • Robust IP68 enclosure
  • Powerful Clamnet Portal data management and visualisation
  • SCADA data integration either via our API or directly, bypassing cloud storage
  • A cornerstone for water quality Smart Networks