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Salamander Clam RTU

The Salamander Clam RTU can be used with a wide range of sensors to monitor the water environment. From rainfall, upland and lowland water courses, lakes and reservoirs to drinking water networks, many parameters defining water quality can be measured, stored and uploaded to the cloud based Clamnet data portal.

Fully Integrated

RTU and sensor package in one container

Continually monitor and report your data

Battery powered

No Mains Power required

plus 4G connectivity enables fully remote deployment


Simplicity of installation combined with a price point that enables large scale distribution throughout a water distribution system

The Clam is a battery powered data logger and telemetry unit which has been designed to operate in fairly challenging conditions for long periods. Through continuous development the device can power a range of our own and third-party sensors, for long periods from the internal batteries. Using RS485 communications a single Clam can collect data from multiple sensors at a single location.
Alarm levels for each parameter can be stored on the Clam which trigger email warnings when these are breached. Uniquely, the Clam has an in-built relay which can be used to activate external devices, such as pumps, valves, aerators.
The Clamnet App is now available on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore and has been enhanced for greater control of the Clam via a bluetooth connection.

Salamander Clam RTU and CLAMNET PORTAL

Data from the Clam RTU is stored and viewed on the very secure Clamnet Portal. With flexible device management and visualisation tools the portal can manage large Clam fleets. Data can also be exported as CSV files or via our API for incorporating in corporate SCADA systems.


The Salamander Clam RTU key features…

  • Low power operation allows remote deployment for extended periods
  • Fully waterproof and robust enclosure designed to IP68 standard
  • Connects to many types of low power sensors used in the water environmental sector
  • Unique in built relay for activating external devices from sensor reading trigger levels
  • Bi directional 4G cellular communications for remote configuration, data upload and alarming
  • Bluetooth mobile app for local set up, control and data collection
  • Powerful Clamnet Portal data management and visualisation
  • Being used by charitable aid organisations in many parts of the world to help ensure drinking water is safe