Water UK and the UK Onshore Operators Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which ensures their cooperation to help minimise the impact of onshore oil and gas development on the UK’s water resources.

A key aim of the agreement is to give the public greater confidence and reassurance that everything will be done to minimise the effects on water resources and the environment.

Water UK has reviewed recent reports into shale gas extraction and believes that, while there are potential risks to water and wastewater services, these can be mitigated given proper enforcement of the regulatory framework.

Under the memorandum, the two groups will work to identify and resolve risks around water and waste water, including baseline monitoring requirements to assess impacts of onshore oil and gas development on the quality and quantity of local water resources, as well as ongoing site water management.

Click here to read the Water UK briefing paper ‘Impacts of the exploration for and extraction of shale gas on water and waste water service providers’, by Dr Jim Marshall.